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Right to Hunt & Fish, CA

SJR 15 proposed a constitutional amendment that would have ensured peoples’ right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife with traditional methods, subject to regulations by the state Game and Fish Department. This bill appeared to be governmental over-reach. People can hunt and fish without a constitutional amendment to enable those activities. It also appeared to guarantee the right to use trapping and poisons in hunting.

Elk Hunting Licenses & Grazing Allotments

HB 333 would have required the state Game Commission to adopt rules for the issuance of hunting licenses, permits and tags to accomplish a reduction in the elk population proportional to reductions in livestock grazing allotments (due to animals per unit load) by federal land agencies.

Land Commissioner Review of Nat’l Monuments

SB 364 would have imposed restrictions on changing public lands from state to federal jurisdiction, thereby restricting the federal government’s designation of national monuments. It added the commissioner of public lands as a party to evaluate these changes and specified that national monuments be described by the smallest possible area needed to protect items of concern.

Endangered Species Coordination

This bill would have implemented a state-based research program to assess the economic impacts of the listing of a species pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act. It would have increased costs to the state for listing endangered species.

Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals & Coyotes

SB 267 would have provided for the protection of fur-bearing animals; it added coyotes and skunks to the animals whose taking is regulated by permit. It instructed the state Game Commission to rely on the best available science to regulate the taking of fur-bearing animals.

Prohibit Coyote Killing Contests

SB 268 would have prohibited coyote killing contests, which are defined as an organized or sponsored competition with the objective of killing coyotes for prizes or entertainment. It would not have prevented the hunting of coyotes or depredation control of coyotes.

NM Wildlife Protection & Public Safety Act

This bill would have placed restrictions on the use of traps and poisons to kill wildlife. This would have helped protect wildlife, as well as people and companion animals, from indiscriminately placed traps and poisons.

State Game Commission Mission & Purpose

This bill would have clarified the mission of the NM Game Commission; specified that the state game commission has authority to protect all species of wildlife, including protected game species, furbearers and non-game species. It also would have specified it is state policy to provide a system for the protection of all of the wildlife of New Mexico as a public trust resource for the use and enjoyment of all New Mexicans, including future generations.

Wild Animal Bite & Attack Procedures

HB 109 defined procedures for handling wild animals that have bittne or attached people. These procefures would have preserved the life of the animal if it was acting normally for the situation and promoted science-based wildlife management.

Import & Sale of Firewood

HB 272 would have prohibited the import and sale of firewood from other states unless the firewood has been treated in a manner prescribed by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. This would help prevent wood-borne pests or diseases entering NM from other states.