CVNM Conservation Scorecard – Conservation Voters New Mexico

2005-2015 By the Numbers

CVNM has published our Conservation Scorecard annually since 2005, and we have some interesting data to share over the span of 11 years. From 2005 to 2015, how are our legislators representing New Mexico’s strong conservation values? Find out below:

House Average Score62%65%56%49%57%61%55%49%46%47%
Senate Average Score65%56%52%49%46%70%52%62%52%71%
House 100%’ers1010711019913820
Senate 100%’ers4705617119517
House 0%’ers5000000009
Senate 0%’ers0004005112
House Democrats83%65%78%60%74%79%78%80%74%91%
House Republicans26%52%23%32%29%29%30%13%13%10%
House DTSn/an/an/an/an/an/a38%n/an/an/a
Senate Democrats76%80%69%69%62%89%52%81%71%93%
Senate Republicans49%25%29%22%16%36%14%34%24%40%




Average Scores by Chamber

In 2005, the average Senate and House Conservation Score were a mere three percentage points apart. In 2015, the gap has reached 24 percentage points.


100%’ers and 0%’ers

With 37 100%’ers in 2015 in both the House and Senate, more legislators earned a 100% in 2015 than any other year of the Scorecard. Coming in as a close second, 36 legislators earned a 100% in 2010. In 2008, only six legislators earned a 100%.

In 2015, 9 representatives earned a 0%. That means they cast no pro-conservation votes that were scored in this Scorecard. Nine 0% scores in one year is a record that nearly doubles the only other time representatives earned any 0%. In 2005, five representatives earned a 0%. Between 2006 and 2014, no representatives earned a 0%.


*The 2011/2012 Scorecards were combined in 2012 and we found that there was no practical way to separate out the information from each year without sacrificing data validity.