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Legislative Education Series: Part 1

How to Speak Legislature During the 2019 New Mexico legislative session, you will be hearing a lot about the opportunities for change, and it’s important to know that each piece of legislation has the potential to completely change the way we live. A piece of legislation can be written by anyone, and after it is [read more…]

Progress is being made on the Four Corners area

On March 11, the Santa Fe New Mexican published an important opinion piece regarding one of the biggest debates in New Mexico’s recent legislative session. The piece, authored by CVNM Board President Noah Long and Mike Eisenfeld with San Juan Citizen’s Alliance, seeks to tell the full story of the debate and efforts surrounding SB [read more…]

Gov. Martinez’s actions on environmental bills

Gov. Martinez had until Wednesday, March 7 to act on bills that reached her desk, including the state budget. Here are the outcomes of the bills and appropriations we supported and opposed during the legislative session: Budget actions: Martinez line-item vetoed $220,000 from the budget for the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority operating costs in 2019. [read more…]

NM’s 2018 legislative session: what we did with our members’ support

The 2018 legislative session has ended. We’re so thankful our members were on the roller coaster ride with us the whole time, taking action to protect our air, land, water and healthy communities. We really can’t thank you enough! Now that the hectic session is over, here is a report back on what we accomplished [read more…]

CVNM’s take on HB 325 at NM Legislature

When SB 47, PNM’s securitization bill, finally collapsed under its own weight in the Senate Conservation committee on Feb. 3, it took with it a provision that would have required PNM to locate replacement generating facilities with about the same generating capacity as the San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) inside of the school district that [read more…]

Trump’s coming after solar – urge your senator to fight back

Trump recently announced a 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels which make up most of what is installed in the United States. Leaders in New Mexico’s solar industry have said this will slow installations and kill good-paying jobs in our state. This vindictive tariff will also put solar energy out of the reach for [read more…]

With your help, we stopped PNM’s coal plant bill in its tracks

After three and a half hours of testimony, public comments and debate, including testimony on your behalf by CVNM Legislative Director Ben Shelton, the Senate Conservation Committee voted to table the Energy Redevelopment Bond Act (SB 47) on Saturday. Nearly 300 CVNM members and supporters like you spoke up in one day, stopping the bill [read more…]

We’re at the table: PNM’s San Juan coal plant bill

By now, you may have heard about a bill moving through the New Mexico legislature that addresses the closure of the coal-fired San Juan Generating Station (SJGS) and is garnering a lot of much-deserved attention. Senate Bill 47, called the Energy Redevelopment Bond Act, was proposed by PNM, New Mexico’s largest electric utility. The bill [read more…]

Protecting our air, land and water in the 2018 Legislative Session

Here in New Mexico, our health, economy and communities are intricately linked to the quality of our land, air and water. We must work together to protect the Land of Enchantment. That is why each legislative session, Conservation Voters New Mexico’s legislative team identifies bills that, if passed, could have significant impacts on our air, [read more…]

Urge your Rep to support solar for all in NM

Last legislative session, the conservation community and CVNM members like you banded together to get the rooftop solar tax credit extension all the way to the Governor’s desk. Despite broad bi-partisan support for the bill, Gov. Susana Martinez chose to completely ignore the measure – ignoring solar’s benefits to New Mexico’s economy, communities, health and [read more…]