Gov. Martinez pocket vetoed NM’s Solar Tax Credit…again

Despite winning bipartisan support in the legislature for the second time, Gov. Martinez chose to pocket veto Senate Bill 79. Gov. Martinez’s veto of Senate Bill 79 shows that she is out of step with the values of New Mexicans. Gov. Martinez talks a lot about jobs, but when presented with an opportunity to support one of the fastest growing, job-creating industries in the state – she chose to put the private profits of campaign contributors in the oil and gas industry who see solar as a threat to their bottom line over clean air for our children to breathe. Call Gov. Martinez’ office at 505-476-2200 and tell her what you think about her veto.

Read our new blog post outlining each of the Governor’s actions on environmental bills and appropriations that the legislature passed.

CVNM’s 2017 Conservation Scorecard

Did your legislators vote to give more tax breaks to oil and gas? Did they protect your right to vote? Did they support more renewable energy? Find out how your legislators are voting on issues impacting your air, land, water and health in our 2017 Conservation Scorecard!

 Help New Mexico Transition From Dirty Diesel to Clean Electric Buses

We have a great opportunity to utilize New Mexico’s $18 million portion of the Volkswagen pollution scandal settlement fund to help our children breathe easier. Please sign our petition pushing Governor Martinez and the NM Environment Department to use the Volkswagen money to transition from dirty diesel to clean, energy-efficient electric school buses before the deadline!







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