CVNM at New Mexico’s 2017 Legislative Session

When the legislature convenes each January, the CVNM team is right there with them. The 2017 session is now underway and we’re already working full time in the State Capitol to make sure that supporting healthy families and communities is a priority for our legislators.

In 2016, New Mexicans like you and me elected progressives up and down the ballot all around the state, unlike many other states or at the federal level. Progressives were elected to create more opportunity for families and businesses and create better jobs for everyone – and the 2017 legislative session is the first opportunity for our leaders to take action and make change.

We’ve released the first edition of our legislative priorities. That means we have identified an initial list of proposed legislation that could impact New Mexico’s air, land, water, health and communities. We analyze every piece of legislation filed. Read the full list on our legislative agenda here »

After February 16, we will finalize our legislative agenda and post it here, on our website. Be the first to see our agenda and strategic action alerts by signing up for our email list. For more updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

CVNM’s 2015-2016 Conservation Scorecard

Did your legislators vote to give more tax breaks to oil and gas? Did they protect your right to vote? Did they support more renewable energy? Find out how your legislators are voting on issues impacting your air, land, water and health in our 2015-2016 Conservation Scorecard!